3 thoughts on “Lodges

  1. Just saw your comment on our blog and jumped over to check you out. What a brave woman!!! I’m afraid I would get lost and never return…my sense of direction is that bad. Have you looked into a SPOT button? It is a GPS device to allert someone you need help. We are getting one this summer as we are returning west in a month and tend to hike in remote places alone.

    My husband is a former history teacher and history buff. I don’t believe we stop at this battlefield last time we crossed MN. Thanks for the tour.


    • I’m definitely gonna look into that SPOT button thing! My husband is also shopping for a handheld GPS.
      I’ve been following your blog for a while. My husband and I currently live in our RV hoping to travel full-time. Currently he is still working in Dallas, Texas. Maybe some day our paths will cross.


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