About Stephen

As Ruthi embarks on her journey to visit the National Parks sites and blog the experiences of her trip, some have asked “Where is Stephen?”    At first, I didn’t think about that question much, but then it occurred to us that I should share about how I fit in with Ruthi’s adventure.

Most of the time,  I will be at home in Dallas working my day job as territory manager of PODS in Dallas/Ft. Worth and working as a sports official on nights and weekends.  I will also be helping Ruthi from afar with web site editing, moral support, and the inevitable call “I’m lost, can you help me?”  I insisted we update the navigation DVD in the Camry before she leaves, but Ruthi said no need “I’ll be fine”.  You know what that means.  Good thing we have unlimited talk and text.

In addition to all of the daily support from home, I plan to meet Ruthi in a different state each month and experience part of the trip with her.  The goal is to visit all 50 states within the next 4 years.  I will share my travel experiences  on this page.

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