Dreams, Goals, and Toys

IMG_0084I am thrilled to announce that my wonderfully sweet thoughtful husband has better equipped me for my travels!  In September we traded in a Toyota Camry for a Mango Tango Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.


DSCN6675       The Trailhawk has 4-wheel drive and towing capabilities.

IMG_0060The towing package is important because in November we bought a Little Guy T@G Teardrop Trailer!  The T@G has a small galley with a sink, two-burner propane stove top, and a refrigerator.  The cabin contains a double bed, an AC, a TV, and a DVD player.  Now I’m traveling in complete luxury!

DSCN6871With such fun toys, I have no excuse to delay dreams.  Follow along as I visit all 405 National Park Sites.  Join me as I traipse across America hiking, paddling, camping, and experiencing the history, beauty, and wonder of the the U.S. National Park System.


6 thoughts on “Dreams, Goals, and Toys

  1. Way cool. Then again, I’m partial to teardrop trailers . . . we built ours! 🙂 It’s truly opened the door to comfortable, safe, and frequent traveling. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Glad you’re following us as well. Show us yours, and we’ll show you ours. lol 😉

    Sue J. (at http://www.TeardropAdventures.com)


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