Gunnison, Colorado


Things can change in a hurry.  Instead of hiking in the deserts of Arizona, I am now snowshoeing in the mountains of Colorado.  After being released from an overnight visit to a Tucson hospital where I was treated for dehydration and the early stages of starvation, Stephen and I discuss and reevaluate my winter plans.  We have plenty of time to brainstorm options during the long, two-day drive from Arizona to Dallas, Texas.  Stephen suggests I visit our twenty-year-old-son, Nathan, in Gunnison, Colorado where he is renting a cabin for the winter while he takes an EMT course and works as a lift operator at Crested Butte ski resort.  So, after spending a week at home in Dallas washing laundry, recovering from a stomach virus, and repacking the car, I am continuing my quest to experience and learn about all the national park sites in the U.S.  Only now I’m wearing snowshoes instead of hiking boots.


2 thoughts on “Gunnison, Colorado

  1. Does west Texas ever end? LOL We are now back in AZ basking in the warmth and sunshine after a loooong drive thru TX. Crested Butte is probably my all time favorite CO ski town. McGills is our favorite place to have breakfast and the ‘Camp 4 Coffee’ is the best. Have fun visiting your son and the area 🙂


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